Love Story

I was driving up I-5 one night, through Seattle on my way to Whidbey Island. Suddenly I felt an incredible vibration running from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I could feel it in the seat, and my whole car felt like she was purring. I felt instantly pretty hot as well. Me and my car both know the sound of a sexy alpha male when we hear one. By the time the Lamborghini rolled by me, I felt like I’d had a relationship with that engine. It wasn’t my type of car at all, too gaudy, crappy handling, and that awful door design. Damn though, turn off the lights and let me hear you growl.

I fell in love again last week, and this time I think it’s forever. It’s unlike my beloved Duesenberg and 1931 Cadillac V16, but it has sexier state of the art technology. Oh yeah, the Tesla Model S. It was beautiful when I was reading  auto porn (also known as Motor Trend), but then one pulled out in front of me downtown yesterday. It was glorious. I got all nervous and giggly and I wanted to say excuse me, can I meet your car? It’s a wonderful obsession, my love for engines. I think it’s time for another road trip.


Tonight She Comes- The Cars

So In Love- OMD

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