Post modern confessional

A woman at work was describing her son’s recent emotional trauma over losing his fiance and his cushy job in the space of a week. She was complaining that he lacked motivation and she didn’t want to baby him, he just needed to “Get over it”. Really? Holy shit, people really are still that uneducated about mental illness. Most everyone gets it at some point, but that’s a shitty way to treat it. I suggested a counselor, and she blew me away when she got all defensive and said “He has lots of friends!”. Wow, you totally missed the point. Everyone should have a counselor, some more than others. There’s no substitute for someone who will listen in confidentiality, help with coping skills, and offer unconditional support and no judgment no matter where you are in life. More importantly, they are the people you go and talk to when you are wrecked and trying to put your life back together.

Shit, that describes my entire life. The only difference now is that I don’t have a counselor and I want one. Therapy is what religious confessional perhaps used to be. A way to dump all your sins and detritus and try again with a lighter heart, after meditating on the mistakes and vowing to do better next time. No matter what you call it, it’s a valuable thing to talk out your problems and concerns. For my depression, it’s a huge red flag when I don’t want to talk about things, and it’s a sign that I have to work harder to feel better. Mental illness is hard work, no matter how long it lasts. The worse it is, the harder you have to work just to maintain any sort of life. I just wish people weren’t so ignorant and aggressively evil about mental health issues. This woman at work, she’s like so many- doing exactly the wrong things to “help” the person with depression. Treating it wrong can make it so much worse, and so much harder to recover. But hey what the fuck do I know, I’m just that crazy woman with a cake obsession.


Broken Hearted Savior- Big Head Todd And The Monsters
This Is How A Heart Breaks- Rob Thomas
Blue- Leann Rimes
Heartbreak Hotel- Elvis
Living Dead Girl- Rob Zombie

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2 Responses to Post modern confessional

  1. Pinkjumpers says:

    Really great post!
    It’s crushing to realise how many people don’t understand or even sympathise with mental illness.


    • Thank you for the comment! I appreciate it! And I agree- It’s shocking how much ignorance and fear there is about something that should be maintained and monitored exactly like our physical health. Everyone has mental health issues at some point, but society still acts like you have leprosy if you admit it or dare to ask for help. It’s frustrating!!!


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