I have no idea how people are able to watch hour after hour of television for day after day. I appreciate that there are a lot of “amazing” shows, but it makes me twitch to see how long humans can go without making a single movement. Even if I’m snuggling with someone delicious, there is a limit to how long I can remain on the couch. I get so hyper, it’s like pulling a rubberband tight. I get an urgent need for exercise and art. Even when I’m bottomed out with depression, I can only watch it for a few hours. I have a long ways to go and sitting on the couch will never help.

Television to me is the same sort of sensory overload that makes grocery stores a battle. The onslaught of colors, images, potential dangers, social interactions, it’s always been some level of scary to go shopping. It’s funny that now that there are tv screens in grocery stores- my brain finally clicked into a mode that appreciates the constant flood of information. Yay, I think that’s a good sign. If nothing else, it’s a sign of the summer hyper. It’s like when the clutch releases and the car lurches forward in a roar of smoke and power. Yeehaw. Even if I were inclined to watch tv now, I’m soooo not inclined to watch tv now.


Rubberband Girl- Kate Bush
Turn Me On- Norah Jones
The Sun Always Shines On TV- A-Ha

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2 Responses to Hypnovision

  1. Hope says:

    I wish I had the energy for more. I used to be like you–too much energy to sit passively and watch made-up lives. I wish I could be that way again, but for now I’m too fatigued to have a life, so fictional ones are all I’ve got.

    I get the sensory overload thing, though. That’s why I rarely go see movies in theaters. I’m okay watching Netflix on my laptop, but big screens and loud audio are too overwhelming for me most of the time.


    • Thanks for giving me another perspective. I am filled with energy right now, but I know it won’t be forever. I am cyber-sending you some, with a wish that things get better for you. xoxo


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