Tools to battle the tools

I don’t believe in a muse, strictly speaking. However, I think the three pilots were my strongest creative motivation. That’s a hilarious concept, and I bet it would piss them off even more to know that- it wouldn’t sit well with their frat boy mentality. I realized that if they hadn’t been so despicable, I doubt I would have been so motivated to finally start writing. I’ve considered myself a writer forever, but I rarely took the words out of my head and transferred them to another medium. It was only because I was so devastated, so frustrated, that I finally started using writing as an every day kind of tool. A tool to battle the tools, so to speak. I think I’m going to be laughing about that one for a long time. Even though the situation wasn’t funny at all. Given how upset the one fighter pilot was, I’d guess that my brilliantly written letter threw a giant wrench into their misogynist frat boy ways. Yay. What kind of grown men paint a giant phallus on the roof of their building??? Seriously, are all men as primitive as the apelike roofers I worked with? Deeeeepressing!

Oh well, it’s just kind of funny to think about, now that I’ve clawed my way back into life. People have no problem doing evil things, being bullies and completely shitty. But the one thing that doesn’t go over well? Publicly calling them out on their shit. I have inspired a lot of passionate responses in my life, both good and bad. But making a fighter pilot lose his cool? I guess I just have a gift. lmfao.

I’m off to go for a beautiful bike ride in the sun, and I’m looking forward to sweating out some toxins. Exercise does seem to loosen up the flow of creativity and let the ideas come out better. Good thing too, since there are a lot of assholes out there and I can’t be silent any longer. It’s not always true, especially since there are tons of ignorant apes out there, but sometimes, just sometimes- the pen really can be mightier than the sword.

Love to all


Dangerous- Big Data

After All- Collective Soul

It’s No Good- Depeche Mode

Shattered- OAR

Unbreak My Heart- Toni Braxton

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