The skin you are in

Holy shit, I finally figured out the power of the boobs. Cleavage is empowering!!! I wish I’d discovered this years and years ago, but I was too busy hiding it so I wouldn’t be victimized again. I love my physical form, but I have mixed feelings about showing it in public.
On the other hand, my brilliant costume designer friends have reminded me that presentation is everything. If humans can’t get over how you look, work with that. If they can’t get beyond your artfully displayed skin and costume, then mess with their head to expand their awareness! It’s ridiculous how humans treat each other based on how we cover our bodies.

Today, I’m much more uncovered. It’s too hot to wear clothes and if my car weren’t so sick right now, I would totally be at the beach, naked and swimming around in the river. I think it would help me feel baptized and strong, ready to battle the wolves of depression that I see gathering in the distance.

DISCLAIMER- Pardon my redneck roots on the first one:

Titties and Beer- Rodney Carrington
Hard Out Here- Lily Allen
Skin- Oingo Boingo
Big Green Tractor- Jason Aldean
Pontoon- Little Big Town

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4 Responses to The skin you are in

  1. I hear ya over the mixed feelings!! Trying to work up the balls to wear this one dress atm. I posted about it. Good for you though, keep it up! x


    • Thx. It’s an uphill battle sometimes, isn’t it? I try to substitute the word “sexy” in place of “slutty”, it doesn’t hurt so much, and it silences the critics/abusers who still echo in my head. Your post was powerful stuff, I’m so glad you write!


      • Thank you for that tip, I’m gonna try and use it. I hope that working with Dr K will sort some of this out.
        Another Idea I have is to take a picture of myself that I love and write helpful, positive things on post-its and stick them to it. 🙂 x Thank you, I’m glad you write too!


      • That’s a great idea! My friend has positive post-its all over her house, saying things like: “Remind yourself daily how precious you are.” It’s a lovely little boost every time I see one. xo

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