The oldest song in the world

There’s something about full immersion in a clear mountain lake that makes my soul burst into song. It was hot and dusty, and the water felt glorious, all silky and cool like blue creamsicles sliding over our sticky limbs. I put my feet in and instantly stopped caring if anyone was watching. I don’t know why people get all titillated by a little skin, but I stripped anyway. We tried to not be scandalous and not freak out the beige suburban people, but we can’t help it if they stare. So I picked the wrong panties to wear- so what? They still technically covered more than most bikinis. I had just spent an hour in a difficult workout class, and hours hiking in and out of the blazing sun. I dove in and stared across the lake at the perfect view: A mountain full of pine trees under a brilliant blue sky. It was like everything clicked into place for one perfect moment of buoyancy. Until I had to get out. I tried to think of it as “I’m being entertainment for boring people!” because really, I’m only an exhibitionist for other consenting adults, otherwise I’m totally shy and wish I was invisible. I was trying to focus on a Guster song while I was dragging my soggy ass up the beach- while a dude was 100% staring and not even pretending to do anything different. Ack! Where did the manners go???

I had an entire soundtrack for our hiking adventure. I always have a soundtrack. It’s often embarrassingly loaded with fluffy pop music, because I need distractions from depression. There was some country, some holiday, a bit of electro swing, some Cambodian surf music, and a terrible song that was clearly mass produced by a robot (the One Republic song). It’s funny how music can stick in your head, which is why it’s highly effective for programming/advertising, and language acquisition.

I wonder what the oldest song in the world is. I’d bet the first songs are lost to history, but some are universal and pre-language. The lullaby, the song of happiness, the songs of grief and loss- so much universal emotion that comes out to melodic accompaniment. I’ve kept a list of my favorite songs- off and on- since I was ten. It’s a great resource to refer to when I’m struggling, or when something isn’t clicking into place. Like “The Lego Movie” so brilliantly illustrates: the right melody can empty your mind of a lot of distractions. Or fill it with exactly the right song at the right time.
Love to all

Something I Need- One Republic
Pop Muzik- M
Head With Wings- Morphine (I sang “mouse with wings, because we were talking about bats)
When I go- Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer
Fidelio (the entire opera)
Talk Nerdy To Me- Jason DeRulo Parody
I Close My Eyes- Shivaree
Missing- Everything But The Girl
Sweet Harmony- The Beloved
Satellite- Guster
Prince Charming- Adam Ant

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