Lemon meringue anything

I found a store that sells natural lotions and soaps, and they will mix up a custom scent for you from their vast array of essential oils. I put together the perfect combination: french vanilla and lemon. It’s invigorating but relaxing, cheerful, and with no bad memories attached. It smells rather like lemon meringue pie, and it gives me a long lasting burst of happiness whenever I smell it. I need to make a perfume to take with me anywhere. It seems like the perfect anti-anxiety smell. Now if I could create lotions that smell like pumpkin pie and bacon, I would be irresistible and unbeatable. Smells have a powerful effect on the brain- one of many reasons that I love baking. It’s incredibly uplifting to have your whole house smelling delicious.
I’m crawling into bed now, not as depressed as I could be, because I smell so fucking fabulous. Ah, it really is the little things. Colors, smells, taste, touch- they help me make it through a lot.

Love to all, especially to Hope. xoxo

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