Random potential

He makes me laugh like I never thought I would again. Other than intelligence, a sense of humor is vital and worth its weight in gold. There are so many stupid, uptight dudes, buried in their stuck, self-righteous ways. This one has potential, even though he is ridiculously hyper- way more than me.

I’m sure it won’t last long, despite his weird determination. I sure appreciate someone who actually cares about me though, and who treats me like an equal human. I know I am easily taken advantage of, and I tend to get caught by abusive narcissistic types ie, the electrician who was super emotionally manipulative and just mean (even while telling me what a nice guy he was). It’s one of many reasons I stay single, and date mostly as an inside joke to myself. I’d rather be independent, than stuck with some stupid asshole who will treat me terribly, beat me back down into victim mode, and/or cramp my style. There’s a ton of advantages to being single, even if my Libra soul doesn’t always appreciate them.

I thought I totally blew it the other day. I had a PMS day from hell, a severe wave of terrifying depression, and I have a terrible tendency to say random shit I don’t mean when I’m freaking out. When my emotions get that intense, I never know what will come out verbally or in text. I work really hard at not saying dumb or harsh things, but texting has been the worst curse ever added to my life. Somehow my humor and sarcasm don’t come across well at all. Just ask the asshole fighter pilot, ROFLMFAO.

This new contender is wicked smart, very witty, and he appreciates that I have a brain as well. It’s exciting to bounce ideas back and forth, and see what sticks. I have a zillion ideas, but I’m a butterfly that needs a little help getting grounded, without getting stuck. It’s not that easy to find. Maybe I can walk with him for a while- it would be lovely to have a supportive companion. He totally gets bonus points for his patience, and how well he responded to my awful, unexpected flashback. I’m completely stunned that he wants to still see me.
Of course, I did make him an awesome breakfast after our short night of little sleep and no sex. I may be mentally ill, but I’ve always been working on being a fabulous partner so I could be ready if I ever met the right one who would appreciate it. I have zero expectations and a lot of disgust for modern men, but you never know.

Say It Isn’t So- Hall and Oates
What I Wouldn’t Do- Serena Ryder
Human Touch- Rick Springfield
Crazy In The Night- Kim Carnes
Lean On Me- Bill Withers

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