Playing doctor

Damn, there’s some smart humans out there. I wish we could gather all their knowledge, genetically encode it and inject it in humans. Hopefully we’d all just wake up, but I suppose there might be significant freaking out as well.

I want to see a shot that gives intelligence, calm, and consideration. I could have used a couple of those shots this week when I was riding the pissy hormone train. Good news though; my second article is getting published. My editor rocks, on so many levels. Just gonna say here: If I were into women romantically, I would pounce on her. Yum. Brilliant, beautiful, super motivated= awesome combo. Unfortunately in our society, not many understand the value of simply getting naked and playing doctor for a while- too bad it gets all complicated.

Ah, the complexities of human relationships. My girlfriends and I are working on a mutual friend who is waking up, like a slowly injected shot of wisdom. She’s still stuck in the image of the world where women are bitchy and competitive and emotionally destructive, instead of the one where we build each other up and encourage greatness. My article even addresses that very concept: share the tools that help everyone thrive. Since there’s no easy fix, no pill or shot we can take, we have to keep working at it the slow and hard way… and oh my goodness, that sounds kinda hot and delicious. Dear universe, please send me one or two fabulous, intelligent lovers. Male or female is fine, both would be fun too. Send them to me at the bakery, because I always appreciate an excuse to lick some icing off someone fabulous- I think it would be therapeutic for all.

Recommendation of the day: Follow the “Humans of New York” Facebook page for a daily shot of beautiful humanity.

Love to all

Dark Again- Gold Fields
Out On The Street- Spanish Gold
Hard Out Here- Lily Allen
Dangerous- Big Data
Night By Night- Chromeo (I dare you not to dance to this one, and OMG the dude is a freakin hot dancer in the video, why don’t more men dance like that???)
Red Eyes- The War On Drugs
Fever- The Black Keys
Doses And Mimosas- Cherub
The Writing’s On The Wall- Ok Go
Get Up Offa That Thing- James Brown

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