Fight the stigma

I was starting my freshman year of high school when my sister first tried to kill herself. The reaction from my peers was awful. One person asked me a bunch of intrusive, inappropriate questions, and then no one else would talk to me. The entire rest of the nightmare school year, no teachers, no students, no one would talk to me. I would talk to people, and they would look right through me and just walk away. Friends got really busy, and it was like they were unable to utter a word, because literally no one did. It was freaky and unnerving. After my sister committed suicide in the hospital in March of that school year, it was even more shocking how people avoided me, and acted like it might be contagious.
That was my introduction to mental illness and the stigma of it in ignorant Idaho in the 80’s. Things are better now, but not by much. When I got a label of my very own, I knew exactly what social issues I was up against, so at least I was a little prepared for how shitty people can be. The stigma is still there, and treatments are still brutal and primitive. I understand, but hate it. It’s upsetting how many people don’t seek care for their emotional and mental issues, because they are afraid. I don’t blame them at all, but I wish them strength to do it anyway. Fuck the ignorant assholes, only the stupid sheep are afraid of addressing mental health issues.

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  1. Oh my god. I hope that it stops being such a stigmatising issue soon, it’s desperately sad that you had to go through that. x


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