I’m starting to warn people now: I’m not talking to anyone for the month of November while I participate in NaNoWriMo. I feel compelled to write the 50,000 words, even if I have to be a damn hermit to do it.
Crap, I guess that means I have to start thinking about my plotline for this year. Last year I finished at 25k+ and a sad ending. Maybe this year the heroine will have something better happen to her. Even if I can’t make it happen in real life, surely I can write some happy fiction. No matter, however it comes out will be lovely. I just really really want to hit 50k this year.
It’s lovely to have a forum where you can create whatever you want, whatever you can imagine, and no one will edit or censor. Oh yes, there will be hot and steamy sex scenes, there will be spaceships, and by God, I will be writing dangerously. Bwahahaha.

Love to all

Dance Along The Edge- Concrete Blonde
Fast Movin’ Train- Restless Heart

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