Welcome home

I woke up at 4:30 to the sound of the wind blowing hard around the house and through the trees. It sounded so wild and epic, it made me want to run away into the mountains with just my art supplies. Damn, I wish I didn’t have to live in such a big city.
But I do love it here, it’s an amazing city, and it’s getting even better all the time. Art everywhere, kind and caring people, fabulous scenery indoors, outdoors, all the time. The social events are varied and awesome, and there are a ton of places to visit, things to do, people to meet.

Certain poetic weather stirs it up again, how much I miss home and family. Even though they did horrible things to me and my sister, it wasn’t all bad. At least I was raised with a mostly good value system. They did show me that the best default activity will forever be “read a book.” -I will add: “or write one.”

I think I’m going to stay home and do girly stuff today. I need to bake, and clean, and rearrange some art supplies. I hope a rain storm blows in too. I’ll open all the windows and let all the sadness and regret blow away. It’s useless to dwell on the past, other than trying to learn from it and stay fucking zen about it.
Wahoo, the wind is ripping! It feels wild out there! Time for coffee and baking, hallelujiah.

Love to all

In My Dreams- Berlin
Hallelujiah- Leonard Cohen
My Heart- Dirty Radio feat. Sherry St. Germain

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