I wish I had more stability in my life. Just one thing that was constant, even when everything else is spinning too fast to keep track of. I was thinking of what I could use as a grounding point, and there really isn’t much. My journal, or anything I can use to write or do art on. Otherwise we’re all just blue dots spinning through space, and it feels extra dizzy today.

Shit. I think I need some more mental health care. I feel awful. Oh well. Bong hits and body combat, and one breath at a time. Three jobs, packing, and writing to get done this week, and there’s no time for falling apart.

I’m supposed to go to Seattle to cover a story or two, but the last time I was there was for the opera with my mom- La Traviata. I started crying so hard that we had to leave, and I haven’t been back in Seattle proper since. Not sure I’m up to it yet, but how do I tell my employer that? You can’t, you just have to suck it up and do it. Pardon me, it’s time for a 15 minute crying break. Dammit.

Love to all

The Golden Path- Chemical Brothers
The Shadow Of The Day- Linkin Park
Lights- Ellie Goulding

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