My brain doesn’t seem to work in normal ways, with or without all the pills. Coffee often puts me to sleep, weed makes me hyper and motivated, and I think in weird creative ways. Yup, I’m a freak. Pretty happy about that, wish others weren’t such dicks about differences in the spectrum. WTF is wrong with humans? Isn’t there a pill for intelligence and consideration yet? Hurry the hell up big pharm.

To help me meditate and keep my zen in the messiness of life, I have journey bracelets that I made (one stretchy cord that will wrap five times around wrist, full of beads that you choose, got the idea from a friend). And because I need something to keep my hands and brain busy, I do tarot a lot. Yes, I can read your mind and see the future with tarot. Lmfao. Just kidding, it’s a deck of cards with pretty pictures that help you meditate on life lessons. Very helpful. I clearly need all the help I can get, and I’m happy to pass along whatever I can to others.
From some distant and obscure part of the galaxy, I wonder if the tapestry of human lives spells out something really funny- if you see it from just the right angle.
Love to all

Queen Of The Broken Hearts- Loverboy
I Get Around- Dragonette
The Girl Gets Around- Sammy Hagar



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