Seriously, sometimes I feel too retarded to walk upright. Then I look around, and see that everyone is, and some way worse than me. Sometimes I think I’m doing pretty well, but I could certainly be doing better. It’s lack of dancing, and having to deal with those stupid green pieces of paper. Thank god the sparkle party is coming up. Maybe some silliness will make me feel better, and the dancing certainly will.

Fuck it, I’m going back to bed. Maybe things won’t look so overwhelming in a few hours. Fucking panic attacks, I hate them so much. I need to go biking hard to feel better. After my nap. And I would love for something wonderful to happen- how about right…now?

She Fades Away- Alphaville
All This I Should Have Known- Breathe
Broken- Lifehouse
When Your Heart Is Weak- Cock Robin

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