Sparkle party

I got a little time on the dance floor- it was heavenly. I’m not usually a party person, unless it’s an art party or a dinner party. The notable exceptions have been: The “Pray For Rain” party that my kayaking friends used to have every year, and now it’s the “German Sparkle Party.” Seriously hilarious, and worth getting over my social anxiety and exhaustion to attend every year.

The funny thing about the German Sparkle Party, is that it was inspired by a very weird, super awkward video. It became the central theme of the party: celebrate the awkward, and make everything sparkly. Damn, my friends throw a great party. I needed a hardwood floor, tons of sequins and glitter everywhere, a bunch of freaks, and a live band mixing some smoking hot German-style electronic dance music.

Love to all

Upside Of Lonely- Tom Hambridge
German Sparkle Party- The Something Experience (apologies for any trauma caused by watching this video, lol)

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