I finally found a good female psychiatrist when I hit 34. I’d seen many shrinks, along with a lot of psychologists, counselors, and therapists by that time, but they were mostly men, and of course that never worked as well as talking to a woman. It was hard to find her- she was very good, albeit overeducated in Western medicine- and she told me that years of sexual abuse and PTSD will likely manifest in mental illness, and if it was severe, symptoms can exactly mimic bipolar disorder and cause personality disorders of all sorts (she didn’t think I had one, TG). She also thought that my primary diagnosis should be adult survivor, then PTSD, then all the depression and other shit. It was a life changing moment. Almost as good as finally getting tested and diagnosed with ADD/ADHD even though I hate that label.
Of course, she also thought that PTSD was incurable and there’s only mitigation of symptoms. That was hard to hear. It makes me extra sad for combat vets. Hell, it sucks for anyone with a mental illness of any kind. So, that’s pretty much everyone.

Crazy- Patsy Cline

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