Men get abused too

I see a lot of couples that are getting married (I don’t make wedding cakes anymore, with rare, expensive exception). It’s awful to see how abusive some people are to each other. That’s your chosen life partner, and that’s how you talk to/at them? Men seem to be more frequently emotionally abused, rather than physically. And they are much less likely to seek help, or even admit to the problem. It will be cloaked in ambiguous terms, followed by escapism behavior.
It’s super sad to see how unhealthy relationships can be. Be nice to people, it will help a lot. And be extra nice to the people closest to you. They may not leave because they’re family, but that’s not a license to be awful. Just because they married you, doesn’t mean you can unleash your shadow side on them. Geez, I think it’s ridiculous that everyone doesn’t have a shrink. Abuse is such a pervasive mental illness, but it can get better if it’s addressed. Anything can.

Giggling heals wounds too, and I read it really young: Laughter is the best medicine. Instead of abusing your mate, why not try to giggle a little more with them? Geez, my two friends have been married forever, and they do it all the time. That’s how my friendships are: we help each other out when needed, we support each other, we don’t call each other names or do mean things, and most of all, we have fun.
Not to sound all hippie woowoo, but damn, be sweet to people! Everyone needs it.
Love to all

Out On The Streets- Spanish Gold
Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
Spitting Games- Snow Patrol

…I get a wicked laugh out of putting the tags “abuse” and “cake” on one post. And I should never have thrown away my “Rape Cake; for survivors of sexual abuse” painting, even if it was hard to look at. You have to confront your shadow side and heal it, or it comes out in unhealthy ways…

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  1. You hit the nail on the head. This is all true- how many fleabitten, hen-pecked men do you see/hear of and everyone laughs?! It’s so NOT funny. x


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