Technology aids

My editor saw me topless; I have fuzzy boundaries but I’m pretty sure that’s never supposed to happen. I haven’t blushed like that in a while. Curse my short attention span- I was supposed to delete those pictures but I got distracted. I remembered that detail after she’d downloaded all of them to her computer. That moment as all the icons are quickly changing to thumbnail images- awwwwwkward.

It’s pretty funny how new technology opens up completely new ways to embarrass yourself- now you can even do it for a global audience. Good thing I have a high tolerance level for it. Those pics were just the ones I have on my front page, so I’m not ashamed of them. But in my experience, many people freak the fuck out at nudity. I think that’s crazy, bodies are just bodies, but whatever. My editor wasn’t even the slightest bit fazed. Phew.

We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off- Jermaine Stewart
Take It Off- Kesha

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  1. danicapiche says:

    Thanks for the laugh! Your editor wasn’t even fazed…it must happen all the time 🙂


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