I don’t really believe in horoscopes, but like many things, they have some grains of truth to them. The current astrological readings are messy as fuck. Bad communication, lots of anger and violence, and on and on.  I am battling a lot of negativity and anger right now, and I see that shadow on so many other faces. I choose instead to keep striving to always be a beacon of light. It only takes a few bright lights to light up the world. And in the last few days I think I just had the mental equivalent of changing a light bulb. Wahooooooo. I love it when things click into place a teensy bit more, the universe shifts just slightly, and perspectives change.

Life is a series of challenges and learning opportunities- the universe is indeed conspiring to enlighten. It’s sure been a messy journey for me. I would much prefer it if it was sleek, sophisticated, elegant all the time. According to my horoscope, I’m all about beauty, balance, love, and seeking knowledge.  That’s certainly a favorable way to describe it.

Fuck, time to go run some energy out. Since it’s an epic rain storm right now, I guess that means I’m off to the gym. Thank god I am in a good enough place to a) afford a gym, and b) can access and use one safely.



Talking Loud And Clear- OMD

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