It’s funny how the universe throws things at you. For one reason or another, I was expecting something to happen today and sure enough: another one of my ex-boyfriends walked into work. Dammit. This one is a mover and shaker in the music world, Porsche-driving, sharp dressing, dude. I hurried away, but it kind of ruined my day a little. It was yet another reminder of the horrible men that I choose, and how many of them there are: selfish, spoiled, uncaring of the rest of the world. He still looks exactly the same, still dresses all in black, and he looks like he does expensive drugs and drinks a lot. Ugh. We weren’t a good match, to say the least. And oh man,  he sure pissed me off. Grrr. I’m pretty sure I traumatized him as well, and then that made me feel worse on top of everything else. No, totally not telling that story. Argh.

It’s perfect that it’s raining today; I want to curl up with Douglas Adams in a pile of cozy blankets and pillows and only come out for snacks and yoga and maybe some kayaking.  Life is messy and moving fast, and I just need one tiny moment to reassess. And chocolate; I completely need chocolate right now.

Love to all


Songs About Rain- Gary Allen
I Can’t Stand The Rain- Tina Turner
Rain Is Falling- ELO
Black Sheep- Gin Wigmore
Slow Hand- Pointer Sisters

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2 Responses to Rain

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    your better off without him if he’s into drugs, drugs ruin lives. rain, you can come over to ireland and you’ll see rain, its always raining here lol. i’ll swap you sunshine for our rain. xoxo


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