I wasn’t planning on going out for Halloween; I worked two jobs on Friday, had to work an early, long day Saturday, and on my way home I had stopped to help a pedestrian who got hit by a car, so there was blood in my car. From stereo-on-wheels to rolling biohazard, totally not so fabulous (but thank goodness I’ve gotten so much emergency training, it totally pays off at moments like that). I got home after dealing with all the uniforms and sirens involved, and my friend tells me she got us on the guest list for a fantastic show at one of my favorite places. She apparently knows a lot of people since she’s a musician, so I guess I met some famous people that night, which is super funny. It’s quite entertaining to go backstage and experience that whole scene. I was able to have some quite interesting conversations about art etc with a few of the musicians.

I also finally got some time on the dance floor, which I needed badly. Sometimes shaking it off that way works the best- physically and mentally push the bad energy out. Now I am completely sleep deprived again, but I feel inspired. I love artists, pretty much no matter what their medium is.


Hit That Perfect Beat- Bronski Beat
Midnight Rider- Allman Brothers

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