I went to acupuncture again for the first time in months and as soon as the practitioner sat down and started talking in that sweet caring tone, I started crying and couldn’t stop. For the next hour I just sat in the chair and let the tears pour down. Finally I had her pull the needles out so I could leave. Dammit. Super embarrassing to be crying in public, much less the sobbing that I felt like doing, but I held off until I got to my car. The needles trigger so much sometimes, plus this time of year, plus dealing with other shit= melting into a puddle. ย I do feel so much better now- purged of some toxins and unhappiness.

Love to all


Lonely Eyes- Chris Young
Ebony Eyes- Bob Welch
Peaches- In The Valley Below


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4 Responses to Waterworks

  1. Glad you’re feeling purged. Sometimes, alternative therapies do that. It’s the gentleness of the person giving you the treatment. x


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