Hazard lights

I had a really rough evening, and by the time I finished my first job, I felt like I’d been skinned alive and rolled in rock salt; raw, lumpily painful, and with residual stinging. I stopped at a friend’s house on my way to my temporary fourth job, and she had a great story that made me feel better: Her guy popped into town, and after they’d hung out and talked for hours, he drove her back to her car. He pulled up next to it, turned on his hazard lights, and went to kiss her goodnight. The kiss got a little carried away, so they just hopped in the back and went at it right in his car stopped right in the middle of the street. Cars were having to go around them. It was the middle of the night on a residential street and they were not in view, but still. Wow. Kinda naughty but super sexy.

There was a lot more to it than that, and it was such a fun story that I didn’t feel like blowing the mood with how rough my day was. Sometimes it’s just beyond words, and I’d much rather stay with the happy moments. At least some people are having fabulous sex.

Today Was Good Day- Ice Cube
Any Day Now- Ronnie Milsap

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