One hand on the radio

The weather is wild right now- the wind feels feral. It was a chilly day to run, but I did it anyway- I knew I’d never be able to concentrate if I didn’t get some of my energy pounded out on the pavement. Now I’m going to ignore everything and just write on NaNoWriMo today, no matter how many words I come up with. And just because I’m super sensitive about my writing and a little paranoid- I’m writing on my old computer that is incapable of internet access. There’s always the chance I could lose everything I write but honestly, I don’t really care. I just need to get it out. I have coffee, the classical station is on, and I’m delving deep into the muse. Ohhh, the french horns just started- I feel better already.

Love to all

High Enough- Damn Yankees
Collide- Howie Day

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