The feral moon

This song  on my playlist today goes way back to a cheesy 80s movie, and it kind of sums up how that last damn dude pushed my buttons. Luckily, I had an epiphany and I now feel like something new and wonderful is about to happen. And call me crazy, but I feel like it’s going to be huge. I got a huge rush of energy and hope today. But then, maybe that’s because I have two writing assignments lined up and I had a great day at work- my editor rocks on so many levels. I’m going to find a damn way to quit my shitty corporate job, so I can do more work that challenges me in ways like that.

Oh my goodness, I feel like I just got shot with a lightning bolt of energy. I hope it carries me through this next period of transition. At least I’m never bored, and all of a sudden I feel wild and impulsive and ready. I wonder what for? Bring it on, universe! ooooo I hope it’s warm and fuzzy and that I can keep my manic tendencies under control. Again, never boring. Especially since I currently feel a need for speed and drastic change. hmmmm


The Beast in Me- Bonnie Pointer

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