Single track

I need some single track time. I just watched a video of some mountain bikers riding an epic trail and it was way out of my league but it got me fired up anyway. I love mountain biking out in the woods on old dirt paths- it’s glorious for a zillion reasons. I kind of have a fever to go skiing as well. Exercise helps my chemicals stay balanced,  and keeps me in great shape, despite the abundance of cookies at this time of year. I love holiday baking, and I feel like there’s intense psychological healing in the eating of holiday cookies. Baking them too.

I’ve got it; I need to go biking in the woods, and eat cookies by campfire light. That would be perfect. In the meantime, I think I will do some holiday baking of my own, and see if I can disperse some happy into the world. You never know, and there’s sure a lot of people struggling with all kinds of issues.

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2 Responses to Single track

  1. jaxtun says:

    Not much can match some sublime single track to get the endorphins flowing and to find that happy place


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