Typing lessons

I don’t know how my editor puts up with me- maybe I provide entertainment value? She has a mind like the proverbial steel trap, and she remembers every single detail for years. I on the other hand, am known for missing important details because I was focusing on other things, usually artsy things. I could get distracted and burn a one minute omelet years before I ever smoked weed. Attention deficit- oh shiny!

There’s a decent amount of tension and angry energy in the office, so maybe all my giggling and weird views of the world are good to alleviate that. I honestly keep expecting to be fired because I’m nearly completely useless in the office except possibly as a writer. It’s beyond bizarre that she pays me to come in and take typing lessons, but I totally appreciate it. I can tell the difference already. Ha! I didn’t even look at the keyboard when I typed that. Constant learning is wonderful and very important for your brain’s health.

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