Yeah, it’s got a hemi

My friends had a huge pajama party tonight, and not only did they play all the Harry Potter movies, there was a huge gingerbread house-making endeavor (except with graham crackers), and a gift exchange that we’ve all been working on for over a month. It’s pretty amazing what happens when you get a whole bunch of artists together and get them working on projects. Funny things happen- inspiring things.

I’ve been a cake decorator for years, and I’ve never seen anything like the creations I saw tonight. I am so impressed at what people created out of icing, candy, and squares of graham cracker. So freakin cool, I should have gotten pictures. Some people spent hours on them, and no two are even remotely similar. One dude built a post modern castle that looked like St. Basil’s Cathedral, with a drawbridge. Sweeeeet.

The best part, other than the pile of people in pajamas in the living room and meeting under the mistletoe, was the gift exchange. It was brilliant. There was no monetary limit, but it had to be handmade. The person who got me made me a hand-appliqued blanket that’s exquisite. The dude that I was creating for, I heard he was into muscle cars and cookies. Heeheehee, the best combination ever, so I was all over it. His wife can’t have gluten, so I made him a whole bunch of cookie dough that he can freeze and then slice whenever he needs a little bit of sweetness. And not to brag, but I can bake like a mother fucker, and I hooked him up well. I had full kitchen magic going- the test cookies almost made my roomies cry. Then I made him a muscle car art piece that’s perfect for hanging in a garage- he loved it, yay! I can finally say it- the phrase I’ve been dying to say forever, even if it only applies to a piece of art I created; “Yeah, it’s got a hemi.”

Other things people made were leather work, clothing, a hand-crafted bow, and some gorgeous wood working. I must say, I love hanging out with all kinds of people, but the creative crowd is super life affirming and wonderful. I feel like everyone has an artist inside, and those who can fully express it, are extra blessed. This group of artists really let their creativity run wild in the best ways. Making something for someone can be a powerful and beautiful thing, and it sure made a whole bunch of people happy tonight.

Love to all

Magic- The Cars
Come Along- Vicci Martinez
Abracadabra- Steve Miller Band

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