The meaning of water

I’ve been driving around with extra gloves in my trunk for weeks, looking for the person who would need them. I finally found her today- she was working outdoors in the cold with bare hands. As soon as the weather got cold, I knew we would find each other. It was a giggly happy moment for both of us. She agreed to pay it forward and off we both went into the world.
I visited a Chinese garden after that and I felt  so much better. It was the perfect inspiration that I needed. The sun came out, it was nearly empty in the frigid weather,  I got great pictures, and I arrived just in time for a tour. I finished with some hot tea and moments of beautiful peace. Totally needed that.

Overheard a woman saying this while I was having tea: “Two fish are swimming in a stream, and a man on the shore calls down to them- ‘Hey, how’s the water?’ The two fish keep swimming, but one looks at the other and says ‘What the hell is water?'”


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