Another country song

Just once, I want to wake up in a different city, hung over, married, and feeling like a bad country song. Life is short, brutal, and something crazy and romantic like that would be fun. Except for the paperwork. Yeah, I don’t see it happening so I will just have to write the story or keep it in my overactive imagination. Damn.

I feel a little hyper now, so alcohol is not an option- anything but wine or beer just sends me over the edge into uninhibited manic rush, and that won’t help. Heading to the gym now for the practical pain that will actually make a positive difference. Oh the holiday cookies, lol.

Love to all

Love Don’t Die- The Fray
Thunder Clatter- Wild Cub

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2 Responses to Another country song

  1. Great playlist…(finally) just kidding I’m giving you shit.
    I just want to say that, all bullshit aside, I deeply admire your self-awareness. You set a shining example for the rest of us. Much love, girl ♥


    • Wow, thank you! That’s amazing to hear!!! I feel like a $$^%^ up mess most of the time, so I deeply appreciate you saying that. Much love to you as well! And what kind of music do you listen to? Maybe you should put a playlist on your posts too??? xoxo

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