Mid-winter mania

Phew, I was ready for that second wind. Sometimes doing a hard workout will help me relax, and other times it gets me jacked up on happy brain chemicals. Today was the latter. After the early class at the gym, I had to go on the treadmill for a while and then I still wanted more. I find myself fantasizing about some juicy single track, or remembering the sound of my skiis landing with a sharp smack onto the snow. All things considered, I didn’t expect the rush of energy and hope, but here it is and I’m so grateful.

I have to work extra hard to not do crazy shit when I’m all jacked up on the happy end of the pendulum. Here’s what I did instead: found a sewing table and set up my sewing machine, cleaned my room, baked cookies so my housemates had warm cookies for their rehearsal (they had a great reaction), cooked and ate healthy yummy food, cleaned and organized the house, plotted some of my next projects, replanted a couple of my houseplants that were suffering, went to a business meeting, did laundry, then went to work. I feel much better.

As a purely random note, it’s funny how as soon as I stopped dating and started ignoring the dudes except as eye candy, they are now everywhere, flirting with me when I least expect it, including a dark horse entry that is very intriguing. I don’t see it going anywhere- I have too many other things to do, but I suppose you never know. It’s super funny how things happen. I’m delighted that I’m still here to see them happen.

Love to all


Supernova- Ray Lamontagne
Head Like A Hole- NIN

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