Reading list

Sometimes I just need a book-gasm. This list is not comprehensive or linear, just beloved.

Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary
The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar
The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s guide
The Mysteries of Harris Burdick
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Riverside Chaucer
The World Atlas (some are better than others)
The Odyssey
The Joy of Cooking (and pretty much any cookbook)
Banksy- Wall and Piece
I Know This Much is True
Anything Chilton’s
The Secret History
The Turtles’ Picnic and other Nonsense Stories
The Name of The Rose (noooooo, not the library!!!)
Pronoia- The Antidote to Paranoia
Multilingual Dictionary

Fave quote by George Carlin “I’m just going to read the dictionary because it has all the other books in it.”


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