Blue dress


I was a rebel and didn’t follow the directions again. The regular pattern didn’t work for me so I branched out even further than last time. I think it will all work out though. Until I can make a dress out of Smartwool, this is perfect.

I love that it’s a classic pattern but it will be completely unique and tailored to me. No one else on the entire planet will have one exactly like it- that’s kind of fun in my imperfect and messy kind of way. Other women have gushed over the red version that I made before, and this color is much more comfortable to wear- less flashy. Plus, it’s the color of the deep blue ocean, which is wonderful on a bunch of levels. Haven’t decided on the trim yet- maybe something nautical would be amusing.

I’m ridiculously delighted to have a working sewing machine again. It’s such luxury after having to sew things by hand.

Love to all

Southern Cross- Crosby, Stills, and Nash
Blue- LeAnne Rimes
Blue Dress- DM


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  1. sewandsee says:

    It’s looking great….who needs a pattern hey 😉


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