Full color

I unleashed full kitchen magic and made cookies tonight. I call them “Wishful Ferguson” cookies, because they are black and white and brown finally working together in harmony and deliciousness. Too bad it’s not that simple. I think everyone matters- all races, all religions, all genetic variations.

I stayed up until 3am last night, and then slept in. I finally turned off my alarm at 11 or so, and slept until 4pm. That never happens- I can’t usually turn my brain off for that long. I woke up all loopy and disoriented, and I haven’t truly woken up.

I feel a little better, but still exhausted beyond words.  I have to make changes, or nothing will change, but change is scary.  I am so glad that I am finally stood up for myself with my “friends”, and also quit the bakery, but it’s still pretty scary.

“Take a deep breath and leap, and the net will appear.” Yeah, fingers crossed.

And I’m not usually a pro sports follower, but really- Go Seahawks!!!

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