Words of wisdom

“Art is to comfort the disturbed, and to disturb the comfortable.”- unknown

Brilliant. Seriously. I went out for beer and hot dogs with a beautiful bellydancer/costume designer/corporate coworker this evening, and she told me that quote. I knew right away that we were sisters. It’s always lovely meeting another artist who just gets it- the whole creative process and the glory of making something spectacular that’s never existed before.

Painting, sewing, writing, cake decorating, baking- those are my art mediums of choice, but there are a zillion options and I think everyone should have at least one art medium that speaks to them. Art/creativity doesn’t exactly “cure” anything, but it allows the soul to speak a language in a different form- one that is easier for the emotional core to access without the logical brain to get in the way.


Long Way Down- Robert Delong

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