With balls like that

I’ve been searching for these for a while. And then I found them right near my house – funny how that happens. It’s one of those places where I walk in and stand out as the only caucasian person. I believe in being super friendly and asking questions, and I was so happy to see these after looking for them for such a long time that I fell instantly in love with the place. Food is such a tangible comfort, I can see why eating disorders happen. Thank goodness that’s not one of my battles. Sex though, that’s a whole other story.


And this next one looks a little naughty, doesn’t it? It was freakin’ delicious and simple, unlike many aspects of life.



Donde Esta Yolanda (please pardon the lack of correct punctuation)- Pink Martini
Walking In London – Concrete Blonde
Hold On – Santana

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