Dear Joe

I had a peeping tom the entire time I was growing up, and I’ll probably be jumpy and paranoid forever because of it. So when I find out that someone has secretly looked for my blog and been all sly about reading it, I’m not enthused or flattered. When it’s a guy that I went out with twice and have zero chemistry with, it’s even less fun. And then he straight up asks me to have sex with him because now he thinks he knows me, and he’s been reading all about my love for sex…fuck you dude, NO WAY. Even if we did have an attraction, that’s just obnoxious to get a text from out of the blue asking for sex. This is me swearing at you like the raunchiest kind of sailor. $#@%^&#$%^&%&$#@$%^*&. Asshole.

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3 Responses to Dear Joe

  1. Wow. A-hole extraordinaire!!!! x


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