Down on the farm

It was hard to leave the farm today; my skillset is perfect there. From roofing to cake decorating to teaching, it’s all finally useful somewhere like that. My brother and his wife have a lovely farm, but it’s old and needs a lot of work. Since their daughter is young and they both work, it’s currently overwhelming, even with two full time farm assistants.

We all need to support farms like theirs, and appreciate the work they are doing; raising animals humanely, and making food that is organic, healthy, and delicious – like it should be. They have dinner club nights, and booths at local farmer’s markets. My sister-in-law is an epic cook, it’s unbelievably delicious when she pairs her formidable skills with impeccable ingredients; I learn a lot just watching while I do prep or clean up. I can cook basic stuff, but baking is really more my thing.

And I love the farm, everything about it, but given the option, I would still like to have more crops instead of animals. I’ve spent enough time mucking out stalls to know that it’s not my favorite thing, even though I can do it.

Now it’s back in the damn city, and starting a third job on Friday at the hospital. Hoping I don’t lose my mind after sitting in a windowless office in a chair for eight hours a day. Luckily it’s only part time and temporary for now, and tomorrow I am headed to the state fair to be a judge for the third year in a row, yay! And honestly, I am sending prayers out to my family who are struggling so hard right now. I love you all soooo much, and I wish I could help more. Damn the stupid green pieces of paper!!!


Down On The Farm – Tim McGraw



Racing stripes


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