Stay a little longer

I keep seeing this dude looking at me when he think I don’t notice. When I look at him, he’s very conspicuously on his phone. He looks like he’s on steroids, and he’s way too young for me anyway. It’s kinda funny though. Flirting is really fun, and it’s about the only thing I feel like I can stand these days. Dating hurts too much, and my opinion of men is pretty much at rock bottom. Modern men seem like stupid, selfish assholes, with no idea how spoiled they are, and I don’t have any time for such apes. Maybe if there was a brilliant one with any sense of decency, I might consider it. Otherwise, I refuse.

Since I’m so touch deprived, and my life is lacking the kind of romantic partnership that I  prefer, I am full of ideas for romantic fiction stories and plot lines. I can at least live vicariously through my characters, since reality honestly just breaks my heart all the time. I don’t know why I ever leave the library, as I kinda wish I could keep my head either in a book or writing one. My books will have tons of happy endings – of all kinds.


Stay a Little Longer – Brothers Osborne
Burn It Down – Linkin Park

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