The spaces we used to occupy

Seeing people you love going through a difficult period – it’s hard to not get emotionally invested, especially when it’s the breakup of a marriage that seemed rock solid and inspiring. It did generate a good quote though: “I never understood country music until my divorce.”

Damn it sucks. Before they got married, they went on a journey together into the Amazon. The theory they had was that if they could travel together in brutal conditions on a trek called the “Green Hell tour” they would have a chance at making a marriage work. They made it quite a while, 12 years, but when they worked so much, didn’t get sleep, and stopped communicating, especially when their interests started going in different directions – love started to die. Now they are in the hurt/blame/respond cycle and it’s agonizing to watch. They love each other, care about each other, and this is what it’s come down to. Love crushed, wrecked, and hearts left damaged and scarred.

What’s Forever For – Michael Martin Murphy (don’t judge)


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