I can’t fight it anymore, even though I’ve tried for years to tamp it down. I’ve drowned it out, covered it up, and ignored it entirely. I didn’t think there was a place for it, it was too impractical, too open to mockery from apes who don’t understand. Now I see that it’s necessary, it’s part of the artist’s way, and just as much a part of me as the need to breathe. I give up, I just have to have burlesque training. I love being girly and I definitely need more of the fabulous in my life.

Working at Home Depot is entertaining, mostly for the fascinating mix of people that end up working there. One of the coolest turned out to be this woman who is totally beautiful and super chill. We got to talking, and then hanging out a bit in the aisles and I could totally see a kindred spirit. Amazingly enough she has a background in doing pro makeup and hair. Yeah, I probably should have spent that money in a thousand other places, but holy shit I feel pampered and feminine and so much better. We’ll just chalk that up to the cost of mental health, and move on with my day.

That was the universe aligning things up perfectly; hanging out with someone who gets it, and who appreciates the aesthetics of our presentation. I let her go a little wild on my hair, unlike the conservative look I usually go for. I have a limited amount of time that I’m willing to spend on hair and makeup, and she showed me some fabulous tips and products. God knows I would never figure it out myself. Those types of stores and salons are too overwhelming and intimidating for me on my own, but I enjoy presenting as effortlessly elegant when I can pull it off. We can deny it all we want, but people completely judge you by how you look. Yeah, it’s time for burlesque, and some sassy training in the art of the confident tease.

Love to all


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