Speed reading

I think that of the things that were destroyed by the fire, I currently miss my sex toys the most. I wasn’t using them, but I visited them recently. Along with my cute corsets, garter belts, stockings, and those amazing stiletto platform shoes. Dammit. They would have come in quite handy for my burlesque costumes, but I guess the universe had other plans. I have a sewing machine; time to get creative. One of these days perhaps the universe will send me a partner worth getting dressed up all sassy for, and then it won’t be sitting in boxes or suitcases for months at a time.

The one dude is upset with me because I dumped him via voice mail, and I know it wasn’t that nice but we were casual anyway. I go through them kind of fast because – like this one was fun and nice, but he would just smoke weed all the time and tell me the same stories over and over. I couldn’t stand it. I have a fear of being stuck in ruts that cripple my growth, and so now I’ve ditched both dudes. I feel kind of bad about it, but such is life. Relationships are like books, and I’m a fast reader. I love books, but not all of them are worth treasuring, re-reading, or even lingering over. Relationships are the same way.

Ooooo, speaking of which, I will miss that beautiful copy of Chaucer that I’ve been carting around since college, and that 1899 volume of the Museum of Antiquities in Egypt. Thank you universe, for lightening my load considerably! That fire sucked hard, but I know it’s actually a blessing. Luckily I’ve always had a good insurance policy on it, so I should get back a percentage of what it was all worth.


Delirious – Prince
The Other Boys -Nervo


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