DIY therapist

Ahhh, the secret method for de-stressing after busy day at the hospital with sucky co-worker: mix lavender argan essential oil with almond oil or oatmeal lotion, and smear it all over. The essential oils are calming and good for relaxation, and the massage is soothing. It’s way better than beating my head against the wall. Well, it also helped that I did go for a little workout at the gym and I possibly inhaled something giggly. It worked out to be the holy trifecta for the panic attack that feels like it’s lurking right around the corner.Ugh.

Sometimes a panic attack feels like that moment right before jumping out of a plane for the first and last time. Or jumping off that bridge with some of my crazy kayaking buddies. That rush of adrenaline, the hard push of energy, it’s difficult to find coping skills that help. I’ve found that preventative maintenance is the best, and if new crises or trauma come up, just physically run until the edge is off. And thank god for weed; I don’t like using any substances, but it’s worlds better than the horrible pills that I used to get prescribed. It’s crazy that I could walk into a doctor’s office and get a huge Rx for tranquilizers or benzodiazapines, just because they looked at my chart and talked to me for 15 minutes. The pills are so much worse, more life destroying than smoking a little green. I’m also pretty emphatic about my regimen: I stick with healthy food, healthy support system, regular exercise, and lots of art, and it helps immensely. Add some essential oils, time in the sauna, and it’s much easier to keep my life on track now. Not saying the depression and panic attacks don’t still hit, but with a baseline of stability, they’re much less devastating. So far anyway.

Love to all

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  1. Sounds like you should be MY DIY therapist. ..;-)


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