Baking and construction

I rolled out the bread dough just slightly with my hands, and poured melted butter over it. Then I sprinkled a little sugar and cinnamon across it evenly, and then rolled it up and tucked it into a loaf pan. It’s not too sweet, and perfect toasted.

Baking is so relaxing, but I should find someone to bake for – my ass is getting too curvy. It’s harder to haul up the mountain, and forget about doing an eskimo roll – ain’t gonna happen.

My first burlesque class was recently and I had forgotten the ecstasy of finding a new art form to play in. It’s gotten the creative juices flowing; how heavenly. I have all kinds of ideas, I think I found an ideal medium for me right now. There will be teasing, flirting, costume design, cake, construction (a roofing persona could be hilarious), and so much more. Perfect. It helps to balance out the summer depression. Cinnamon toast helps too.

Love to all

Woman, Woman – Awolnation




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