Bipolar retirement planning

Not so much. I cashed out my previous 401K when I left government work and headed for teaching. Depression derailed the  %$#@ out of everything, and how can you plan for a future when you have no plans for being in it?

Now I have future plans again, and I may drop dead of a broken heart at any moment, but in the meantime I’m taking healthy fun steps. And investing in the future. It kind of bends my brain in a good way. It’s amazing that with as self-destructive as my illness has been at times, I’m in pretty good shape, and when I’m in a little bit manic phase, I’m even better. It’s all about riding that edge a little, but not going over. Here’s what’s working:

Minimally processed, whole natural foods, work that is interesting, a living wage, regular exercise and moving as much as possible, coffee, chocolate, and good social support. No western psychiatry, but acupuncture, more exercise, chinese herbs, a safe place to talk out my difficulties with someone who gives good advice, a safe place to live, amazing friends.

I feel so blessed to have recovered so much. Fancy party tonight, work is going well, it’s beautiful out, I even have a little vacation to look forward to. And suddenly there’s super hot men everywhere. Yowza. The panic attacks are down, depression is better, and yay for having hope for the future again.

Hot Summer Nights – Miami Sound Machine



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