Shifting into drive

The house was quite tidy for a bachelor pad, decently decorated, no extra crap lying around. But the kitchen was spectacular, not elaborate, just practical and beautiful in that dude kinda way. Then we went into the garage, and I fell in love. He had clearly spent a lot of time working in the space, because there was a workbench 15 feet long, flanked by a table saw and rolling tool chests. It was even perfectly lit. In my rush of excitement, it took me a minute to realize what was sitting there in the middle of one of the empty parking spaces. I turned to fully look at it; 1100 cc’s of lean and sexy motorcycle, all black and silver, deceptively understated but oozing power.

Once my heart started beating again I turned to look at him, and got all embarrassed when I saw that he was watching me intently.  He hadn’t even kissed me, had been a perfect gentleman for weeks as we got to know each other, so I was curious how he would react – then again, he did invite me to his house. I climbed on the bike and tried to act casual as he climbed on behind me, bodies abruptly sliding into perfect placement. It’s so funny how things just click into place sometimes.


Bruises – Chairlift

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