Elevated cortisol levels

Funny how someone says something that you just go “why didn’t I think of that years ago???” Oops, wish I had. All those extreme sports and intense emotions, plus years of the fight or flight response levels at high alert- I suppose I’m used to running on adrenaline. And coffee. I love it more than water. So of course I was just told to stop drinking it – I switched immediately to black tea for a while, but holy canola, it sucks hard. I love coffee intensely. Freshly ground dark roast, finely ground but used in a french press to get that wonderful intense flavor and slight sediment at the bottom. A little sugar, but otherwise black so I could nurse it all day. Damn. Good thing I love tea so much, but ARGH. I need some distractions right *%$%#^% now.


Enjoy the Silence – DM

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