Full throttle

The acupuncturist was a different one than my usual, and you just never know. Some of them I don’t want sticking anything in me. I went running there when the pain wouldn’t go away and I told her how I injured my elbow lifting weights, but that I lifted lighter on Sunday after I injured it on Saturday – you know, to take it easy on the injured part. She looked at me in that particular way and said “You went back and did more?”

Hmmm, well when you put it like that it does sound kind of bad. I’m used to pushing the boundaries at least a little, and lord knows I’m good at damaging myself, but I thought it had gotten better. Maybe not.

I still feel driven and since I couldn’t do my weight lifting class, I went and hiked one of the gnarliest hikes I could do on my own. It was a little sketchy but I didn’t die or end up in the ER. And it bent my brain in a really good way. Now other parts of my body hurt as much as the injured part, and I feel in a better headspace, so it all evens out.


My Church – Maren Morris
Flashlight – Parliament

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