Back in college my roommate and I would head out into the mountains on Friday afternoons. She’d convinced some guy to let us ride his horses on hours-long meanderings through the woods.  I can remember the warm afternoon sunlight filtering through the trees, and the stress and cares of the week just melting away with the sound of hooves. We would bring carrots, apples, and brush them, groom them, and saddle up. By the end of college we could gallop bareback and jump small obstacles, and I had gotten addicted to the sensation of going out into the beautiful countryside to recharge and refresh.

This weekend I got to go back out into the countryside and hang out on a farm again – there’s something reassuring about the smell of a barn and giant shop space full of farm tools, and what joy to see horses trotting up to say hello. We helped with a tiny house project, had a huge BBQ, and curled up with fuzzy dogs around the campfire.

Which leads me to this: with my history and the labels I’ve been given, I was never supposed to do this well, or to be this stable and happy. There’s still some stress and anxiety, and work to be done, but all in all – I’m so happy. I finally ditched the mean dude, the sweet one is still around, I have a new personal trainer who is kicking my ass in wonderful ways, I’m rocking my new career, my finances are about to be glorious, and I may actually be able to go on a longer adventure next year. Phew. I want to get out and away from the city and out into the wilderness for a while. I’m not sure about horseback riding, but perhaps some mountain biking or dirt biking. I feel the need to swim in tropical waters, and hike around Alaska or take a train across Canada. Perhaps run around the red dirt of Colorado and into the parks of Utah. How wonderful that things have changed so much that these are now options.

Love and healing to all


Can’t Even Get the Blues – Reba McEntire
Every Little Thing – Carlene Carter (Ignore the lyrics)
My House – Flo-Rida
Indian Summer – Stereophonics
Oh Lonesome Me – Kentucky Headhunters
I Close My Eyes – Shivaree
Elongo – Bedouin Soundclash


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